Core Elements is a weekly internet radio broadcast about gaming.

In each episode, we invite a game developer to join us and talk about what they are playing, what they are working on, and how their passions come to life in the games they develop. We also dig into the gaming news and talk about current events within our field of view. By analyzing all these pieces, we find the relationships and elements that make up the chemistry of gaming. And it is these "core elements" that our show hopes to examine.

We believe that gaming is a lifelong adventure. The games we enjoy shape our daily lives, create milestones of experience, and help us share joy with our friends and family. We love discussing how gaming has evolved, where gaming is going, and how gaming is influenced by the things going on in the world. We hope you will join us on this journey.

  • Why didn't you put out an episode this week?

    Game developers are working hard and can't always find time to sit around and jabber with a couple of information junkies. We will put out episodes as we can, shooting for weekly, but settling for quality of delivery over absolute consistency.

  • Can you get "So and So" on your show?

    We'd likely love to! Let us know who you are interested in seeing on the show, and we'll reach out to them. We'd be much more successful if you had a solid connection to this potential guest and could give us an introduction and a good phone number/e-mail/street address by which to reach them.

  • What happened to that segment you used to do... you know, that one...

    We'd love to cover everything in our heads, but we do our best to keep the show tailored to about one hour. We've had so much fun with our guests lately, that we haven't had time to do some of our more creative elements. Those segments may return in future episodes.