Wes Wilson

Wes is a lifelong gamer and has been podcasting since 2007. Show credits include The Shaft, Control Point, Nation of Gamers, The Daily Gamer, WARP, and World of WoW. He has guested on many other fantastic podcasts, including the Gamers With Jobs Conference Call, 8-Bits, and The Week in Geek.

In addition to his podcasting, he is a project coordinator for the Mindcrack Network, a group of YouTubers and Streamers that enjoy creating content together.

He is also instrumental in creating and running fandom conventions across the south. The first, Play On Con, features a unique array of programming, gaming, and parties in an unconventional setting. The second, GameVid Expo, hosts game video content creators from around the world to share their experiences and passions. He also hosts and moderates events at a wide array of other conventions.

Wes has been a web designer, an engineer and a restaurateur. Like Spencer, he's a talented cook and gardener, but he's opted to ignore his bicycle for quite a while.

You can learn more about him at his personal website,

Spencer Williams

Spencer has also been podcasting since 2007.  He has done a wide array of shows including Drivel with Spencer, Control Point, The Daily Spencer, Nation of Gamers, and WARP.   He's well known for his strong opinions and comprehensive knowledge of the gaming industry.

On top of Core Elements, he has hosting Drivel with Spencer with his new production group, Rocketdemon Production, which hosts live call-ins from listeners and addresses gaming and life from his unique perspective.

He also cook, gardens, builds stuff, and rides his bike... which is good for him.. or something.