Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CE 62: Dragon Army

Michael Stanley, of Dragon Army, joins us in the laboratory this week to talk about Robots Love Ice Cream. In addition to discussing what constitutes a "Core Gamer", we analyze the nature of the fixated Eve assassin, contemplate the lethality of weaponized ice cream, and debate whether all of Notch's work has become autobiographical.


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  • Robots Love Ice Cream

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  • [LINK] NNPD Reports on "Core Gamers"
  • [LINK] Titanfall companion app lauches
  • [LINK] EVE Online 3 year manhunt
  • [LINK] Xbox live offering refunds for Netflix subscribers
  • [LINK] Notch's tiny despair simulator

  • For a video of this episode go to:

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