Friday, October 31, 2014

CE 69: John Comes

This week, John Comes of Uber Entertainment joins us in the Laboratory! In addition to discussing Planetary Annihilation and the Human Resources kickstarter, we discuss the nature of Wes's MMO addictions, ponder the space flight sim vacancy, and definitively define which Civilization game is superior.


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  • [LINK] X-Wing and Tie Fighter fingally getting digital release.
  • [LINK] Star Citizen funding now up to $59 million.
  • [LINK] Microsoft plans to uphold Minecraft community standards.
  • [LINK] Twitch changes its Terms of Conduct to exclude shirtlessness.
  • [VIDS] People freaking out over MewTwo in Smash Brothers.
  • [VID] Spelunky beaten with a dance pad controller.

  • For a video of this episode go to:

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