Friday, February 28, 2014

CE 57: Raphael van Lierop

After a long absence, we are joined in the laboratory this week by Raphael van Lierop of Hinterland Studios. In addition to discussing his game, The Long Dark, we discuss the meaning of Flappy Bird, ponder the success of Games Workshop titles, and wonder at the emerging religions in Twitch Plays Pokemon.


  • Raphael on Twitter
  • The Long Dark
  • Hinterland Games

  • [LINK] Flappy Bird creator pulls his game offline
  • [LINK] Nintendo terminating Wi-Fi service for DS and Wii
  • [LINK] Twitch Plays Pokemon nearly beats the game
  • [IMG] The Evolution of Religion in Twitch Plays Pokemon
  • [LINK] Ken Levine announce he is "winding down" Irrational Games

  • For a video of this episode go to:

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