Friday, March 14, 2014

CE 58: Dejobaan Games

This week, Ziba Scott returns to the volcano to discuss his work with Dejobaan games, makers of Drunken Robot Pornography and the upcoming Elegy for a Dead World. In addition to discussing the YOLO naming of DRP, we ponder whether we really want smart AI, what we're doing with our PC games, and whether crowd-sourced content is exploitative.


  • Ziba on Twitter
  • Elegy for a Dead World
  • Dejobaan Games

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  • [LINK] When a Successful Game is a Failure
  • [LINK] We're Buying More PC Games Than We Can Play
  • [LINK] Comcast isn't letting customers watch HBO Go on Playstation

  • For a video of this episode go to:

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