Friday, July 22, 2011

CE #1: Brad Muir

Today we experiment on Brad Muir of Double Fine Productions, the Lead Developer on Trenched! We get to talk about sexy cooking, the wisdom of bad-mouthing publishers, and the value of robot smoking arms.



  1. Hello there Wes and Spencer,

    Loved the show. I'm really looking forward to future episodes. What kind of folks are you looking for to be guest on the show?

    Also I want to put in a plug for "Dungeon Keeper II" as a suggestion for "It's Alive". One of my all time favorite games, it's the only one that I make sure to have a copy of. I really wish that other companies had picked up the sandbox RTS. I see it as a parallel evolution of RTS games that never happened. eSport RTS games are fine, and they have a huge following, but it would be nice to see continuation along the lines of Bullfrog Games Dungeon Keeper series.


  2. I was VERY interested in listening to this podcast since I am a longtime subscriber of The Shaft. That is until I listened and realized Buzz Killington's and Debbie Downer's large, hairy, baby, man-child was co-hosting with Wes. Yes, I am the epitome of subtlety, manners and modesty in case it wasn't evident or I hadn't already told you. But seriously, I wish everyone involved phenomenal success and my personal distaste should not be construed as a reflection of professional quality. e.g. I don't like the taste of scallops, but that doesn't mean they ARE bad, or that YOU should think scallops are bad, I am just going to get steak instead, OK?