Thursday, May 10, 2012

CE #25: Luke Peterschmidt

Welcome back to the laboratory! We've spent weeks in the lab cooking up a new experiment, and this week we bring you Luke Peterschmidt of Fun to 11. Luke is a prolific board game designer, and we had the privilege of meeting him at Minecon. In this episode we discuss naked vomitous piles of exploding zombies, Spencer's hatred of Kickstarter, and we ask Luke what it's like at the bottom of the barrel.



  1. Spencer, I'm curious, is the Kickstarter anguish because you dropped the cash on projects that looked cool but didn't vet the company/people for experience and progress?

    When I first looked at Kickstarter (maybe a year or more ago) the advice on submitting projects was to be finished or almost finished before listing in order to be appealing to people. The idea was to fund the manufacturing and distribution of completed products that had trouble making it through normal distribution channels, not to fund the initial R&D of the product itself, because we all (should) know that lots of ideas, prototypes, and R&D projects never pan out!

    I would suggest that the current influx of wide-eyed idealists throwing money at 'neat' projects is leading to an inevitable sense of disappointment, and isn't Kickstarter's or the artists' fault. Hold artists to their promise by making sure they are close to delivering before you'll invest. That way you'll fund real products that someone cared enough to invest their own time/money into, but just need the final push to get it to market, not someone else's pipe dream that they promise they'll make once the money is rolling in.

    That said, if/when my first project goes up I'll be the exception, so feel free to invest megabucks at that time based on a few catchy keywords. Look for "Ninja Thundercats vs My Little Pirates" (an indie side-scrolling point-and-click MMO with accompanying inspired-by album) coming soon...


  2. You know your projects stand out of the herd. There is something special about them. It seems to me all of them are really brilliant!