Thursday, October 20, 2011

CE #11: Markus Beutel

After a two week break for vacation and the DWPP, we're BACK! This week we're joined by Markus Beutel, the designer of the Civilization NiGHTS mod for Civ 5. In this episode, we discuss linear RPGs, the atmospheric uncanny valley, and our universal distaste for stacked military units.



  1. I love Orcs Must Die! Really enjoyable game. So far I've played about 23 hours according to Steam, definitely worth the $15. I am very much looking forward to hearing from Robot Entertainment. Hope they come on the show.

  2. Hey guys, love the show. I have a few questions:

    Do you think that the resurgence of PC gaming may have to do with the apparent lack of need for cutting edge graphics in games? Many popular games seem to not rely on intensive graphics but rather have a retro feel to them.

    Secondly, 55:52 - /theshaft ? lol :P

  3. Oh, and also, are you done with the Re-animator segment? Haven't heard you do it lately. I really liked it so I hope you will bring it back!

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