Friday, August 23, 2013

CE 49: Joe Mirabello

This week we welcome Joe Mirabello, creator of Tower of Guns into the laboratory! In this episode, we discuss the success of TellTale adventure games, Origin's return policy, and what we would do to fix Civ 5.


  • Joe on Twitter
  • The Tower of Guns Greenlight page

  • [LINK]  Telltale Games hoping to follow up The Walking Dead with a game based on Fables
  • [LINK]  Origin now offers full refunds

  • For video of this episode go to:


    1. What happened to this podcast? Did it change name or go on break?

    2. It's hard to get guests around PAX... There's a new episode up right now!

    3. I should have waited one more day! Thanks!!