Monday, January 13, 2014

CE 56: Lorne Lanning

Lorne Lanning, creator of Oddworld, steps into our laboratory to discuss his work with us. In addition to talking about Lorne's transition from film to games, we talk about breadcrumbs in MMOs, the imbecilic trolling of the gaming internet, and Spencer's New Year's insanity pact.


  • Lorne on Twitter
  • Oddworld.Com

  • [LINK] Trolling group using virtually unheard of NTP attack to grind popular online games to a halt.
  • [LINK] Creative Assembly announces Alien: Isolation
  • [LINK] PlayStation Now will offer Netflix-like subscription options
  • [LINK] GDC Developers Choice Award Nominees
  • [LINK] Independent Games Festival awards finalists revealed

  • For a video of this episode go to:

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